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THURSDAY. Apr .17. 2014. پنجشنبه 28 فروردين 3 139
اقتصاد خانواده حوادث ورزشي فرهنگي-هنري اخبار
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 گاه در رگ يك حرف ...
سخنان حكيمانه بزرگان
فتح الله آملي
علي رضا خاني
علي اكبر عبدالرشيدي
دكتر محمدعلي فياض بخش
ابوالقاسم قاسم زاده
 تفسير اخبار
انعكاس اخبار و رويدادها در رسانه هاي ايران
متين ايران قهرمان قاره كهن شد
پيروزي سپاهان و شكست تراكتورسازي در هفته پنجم مسابقات فوتبال ليگ قهرمانان آسيا
كسب 5 مدال رنگارنگ نتيجه کار پرتابگران و دوندگان نابينايان ايران در پکن
نماينده ايران نايب قهرمان اسنوکر جام «مايک يو» مالزي
4 پلنگ ايراني همزمان در پارک ملي بمو مشاهده شدند
روايت يک «بخشش»
سانحه غرق شدن کشتي درکره جنوبي دو کشته برجاي گذاشت
 گفتگوي ويژه (فرهنگي)
مردم سرزمينم صاحبان اصلي هنر هستند
 آگهي ها و نيازمنديها

نيازمنديهاي امروز
 اطلاعيه ها
قابل توجه خوانندگان گرامي
 نرخ ارز و طلا و سكه
نرخهاي مبادله شده در ايران
چهل سال پيش.
نرخ ارزهاي عمد?ه وطلا د?ر بازار تهران
 اطلاعات پزشكي
 سرزمين ما
سردرهاي تهران
باغ شاه موزه زندان قصر
کوير خارا (کوير ورزنه)
 هوا شناسي
پيش بيني آب و هواي برخي از شهرهاي ايران 
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Iran's technological development benefits entire region
TEHRAN – The scientific and technological developments of Iran and its trans-regional agreements and achievements will benefit long-term interests of the entire region and the neighboring countries, Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif said o Full Text
Iran nuclear deal to benefit all ME
TEHRAN - Iran’s Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif says a widely-expected final nuclear deal between Tehran and world powers will benefit the entire Middle East region. Full Text
Iran rejects UK renewed sanctions
TEHRAN - An Iranian deputy foreign minister has condemned Britain’s renewed sanctions on Iranian individuals as politically-motivated and biased. Full Text
Iran values ties with Persian Gulf states
TEHRAN - Iran’s Deputy Interior Minister Ali Abdollahi says Tehran attaches significance to close relations with countries in the Persian Gulf region. Full Text
Iran ready to meet defense needs of Azerbaijan
Defense minister: TEHRAN - Iran's Defense Minister Brigadier General Hossein Dehqan says Tehran is ready to meet the “defense requirements” of Azerbaijan. Full Text
Iran to renew, expand passenger fleet this year
TEHRAN - Iran plans to renovate its fleet of passenger planes and also upgrade its safety flight standards in the current Iranian year, Head of the Iranian Army's Cooperative Foundation Rear Admiral Abbas Mohtaj announced on Tuesday. Full Text
Iran to hold 1st Int'l Shakespeare confab
TEHRAN - The International Conference on Shakespeare is scheduled to be held in Iran for the first time ever. Full Text
Iran committed to achieve sustainable economic growth
TEHRAN – Iran is committed to make structural changes to achieve sustainable economic growth, Central Bank of Iran Chief Valiollah Seif said on Tuesday. Full Text
Final nuclear deal possible to achieve in six months
THURSDAY. Apr .17. ‌2014
President Rohani: TEHRAN – President Hassan Rohani said a final nuclear deal is possible to achieve in six months. Full Text
Iran Feb oil exports hit 20-month high
THURSDAY. Apr .17. ‌2014
TEHRAN - Iran’s crude oil exports in February soared to 1.65 million barrels per day (bpd) the highest since the West slapped sanctions on Tehran in June 2012, the International Energy Agency (IEA) says. Full Text
Iranian play to go on Italian stage
THURSDAY. Apr .17. ‌2014
TEHRAN - Iranian theater ensemble Moj has been invited to perform its latest stage creation The Author Is Dead in several Italian cities. The troupe is scheduled to perform in Rome, Bologna, Milan and Venice in late April. Full Text
Iran writes to UN over US visa denial
THURSDAY. Apr .17. ‌2014
TEHRAN - Iran has sent a letter of complaint to the United Nations over the US refusal to issue a visa to the Islamic Republic’s appointee for the position of ambassador to the world body. Full Text
Iran slams terrorist blasts in Nigeria
THURSDAY. Apr .17. ‌2014
TEHRAN - Iran has condemned the “regretful” twin bomb explosions at a bus station outside Nigeria's capital city of Abuja, urging the establishment of peace in the African country. Full Text
Holiday Notice
Due to public holidays in Britain, the next issue of Ettela'at International will be published on Tuesday, April 22. Full Text
Iran in talks with Europe’s businesses
TEHRAN - The governor of the Central Bank of Iran (CBI) says Tehran is in talks with European businesses about potential investment in the country as soon as sanctions against the Islamic Republic are lifted. Full Text
Persian Gulf countries very important for Iran
Foreign Minister: TEHRAN – Stressing on the Persian Gulf as an important waterway, Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif said that Persian Gulf countries are also very important for Iran. Full Text
Iran urges UN committee meeting on visa case
TEHRAN - Iran has requested an urgent meeting of a United Nations committee over the recent decision by the US to deny a visa to the Islamic Republic’s appointee for the position of ambassador to the UN. Full Text
Iran urges closer cooperation with WB
TEHRAN – Iran’s Minister of Economy and Finance Ali Tayebnia in a meeting with World Bank (WB) Deputy Director for the Middle East and North Africa Christian Anderson on Monday called for development of relations. Full Text
Iran, India reiterate closer economic relations
TEHRAN – Iran’s Deputy Economy Minister Behrouz Alishiri and Economic Affairs Secretary of the Indian Finance Minister Arvind Mayaram in Washington on Monday clled for closer economic relations. Full Text
Iran gets 5th tranche of frozen assets
TEHRAN - Iran has received the fifth tranche of its USD 4.2-billion in frozen assets as agreed upon in the interim nuclear deal between Tehran and six world powers, an Iranian vice president says. Full Text
Iran ready to be Europe energy partner
TEHRAN - Iranian Minister of Industry, Mine and Trade Mohammad Reza Nematzadeh says his country plans to play a significant role on the world gas market. “Iran has the biggest gas reserves in the world. We don’t want to compete with Russia. Full Text
Iranians mark ancient poet Attar Day
TEHRAN - Iran has commemorated the national Attar Day to pay tribute to the prominent mystic 13th-century Persian poet, Farid al-Din Attar Neishabouri. Full Text
No second-class citizen in Iranian system
WEDNESDAY. Apr. 16. ‌2014
President Rohani: TEHRAN – President Hassan Rohani here on Tuesday stressed there is nothing like second-class citizen in Iran. He made the remarks while addressing a gathering of local people in this southeastern city upon arrival on a provincial tour. Full Text
South Korea doubles Iran oil imports
WEDNESDAY. Apr. 16. ‌2014
TEHRAN – South Korea doubled its import of Iranian oil during the month of February. Full Text
Iran, China launch direct cargo shipping line
WEDNESDAY. Apr. 16. ‌2014
TEHRAN – Iran and China have set up direct cargo shipping line to facilitate trade, it was announced on Monday. Full Text
Tehran keen to develop relations with London
Deputy FM: TEHRAN – Iran is keen to develop relations with the United Kingdom, Iranian Deputy Foreign Minister for European and American Affairs Majid Takht-e Ravanchi said on Monday. Full Text
Iran to send 30th fleet to Atlantic Ocean
TEHRAN - The Iranian Navy is planning to send its 30th fleet of warships to the Atlantic Ocean, a senior Iranian naval commander says. Full Text
British critics acclaim Farhadi’s film
TEHRAN - A number of British film critics have hailed award winning Iranian director Asghar Farhadi’s latest drama The Past (Le Passé) after its public screening in the UK. Full Text
Iran to litigate US over UN pick decision
TEHRAN - A senior Iranian official says the Islamic Republic will file a lawsuit against the United States over its decision to deny visa to Tehran’s newly-appointed ambassador to the United Nations, Hamid Aboutalebi. Full Text
Iran wins Taekwondo German Open
TEHRAN - The Iranian men’s national taekwondo team has showed an impressive performance in the 2014 Taekwondo German Open, and been crowned the world’s champion. Full Text
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