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FRIDAY. OCT 17. 2015. جمعه 22آبان 4 139
اقتصاد خانواده حوادث ورزشي فرهنگي-هنري اخبار
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 گاه در رگ يك حرف ...
سخنان حكيمانه بزرگان
فتح الله آملي
علي رضا خاني
علي اكبر عبدالرشيدي
دكتر محمدعلي فياض بخش
ابوالقاسم قاسم زاده
 تفسير اخبار
انعكاس اخبار و رويدادها در رسانه هاي ايران
کيانوش رستمي نايب قهرمان مسابقات وزنه برداري قهرماني جهان در آمريکا
نخستين نشان کاروان ايران در مسابقات آزاد وزنه برداري معلولان اروپا
استقلال با پيروزي مقابل نفت حريف تراکتورسازي در مرحله نيمه نهايي جام حذفي
کسب سهميه المپيک و پاراالمپيک توسط بانوي کماندار يکي از رويدادهاي برتر سال
مسجد سليمان لرزيد
دستگيري عاملان انتشار شايعه گروگانگيري در بازار موبايل
برخورد خودرو با ديواره تونل جاده چالوس
انفجار مين در قصرشيرين 2مجروح داشت
 گفتگوي ويژه (فرهنگي)
سقاخانه يک نوع پاپ آرت معنوي بود
 آگهي ها و نيازمنديها

نيازمنديهاي امروز
 اطلاعيه ها

 نرخ ارز و طلا و سكه
نرخهاي مبادله شده در ايران
چهل سال پيش.
نرخ ارزهاي عمد?ه وطلا د?ر بازار تهران
 اطلاعات پزشكي
 سرزمين ما
مجموعه ورزشي تفريحي تو چال در شمال تهران
 هوا شناسي
پيش بيني آب و هواي برخي از شهرهاي ايران 
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President Rohani urges Russia, Turkey restraint over downing of plane
TEHRAN - Iran’s President Hassan Rohani has called for Russia and Turkey to show restraint over the downing of a Russian fighter jet by the Turkish military. Full Text
Terrorism knows no boundaries
President Rohani: TEHRAN - Iranian President Hassan Rohani has warned that terrorism knows no boundaries, urging an international campaign to be launched to eliminate this scourge. Full Text
Iran-IAEA JCPOA talks 'constructive'
Deputy FM: TEHRAN - An Iranian nuclear negotiator says he held “constructive and good” talks with the UN nuclear agency chief Yukiya Amano on how to implement a nuclear agreement reached between Iran and six world powers in July, Press TV reports. Full Text
Body of Iran's diplomat identified in S Arabia
TEHRAN - The body of Iran’s former ambassador to Lebanon who went missing during the September 24 Mina tragedy in Saudi Arabia has been identified, an informed source says. Full Text
Turkey downing of Russian jet, a mistake
Majlis Speaker: TEHRAN - Iran’s Parliament (Majlis) Speaker Ali Larijani says Turkey made a “big mistake” shooting down a Russian fighter jet near the Syrian border. Full Text
Intensifying Syria tension sends wrong signal to terrorists
Foreign minister: TEHRAN - Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif says increasing tension in war-hit Syria will send a “wrong signal” to terrorist groups that they can go on with their crimes. Full Text
Novo Nordisk Co. to invest euro 70mn in diabetes drugs factory
TEHRAN – Member of World Diabetes Federation Lars Rebien S?rensen said on Wednesday that Novo Nordisk Company is to produce modern insulin pens for diabetics in the Islamic Republic of Iran. Full Text
JCPOA's implementation by January 15
AEOI Chief: TEHRAN – Head of the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran (AEOI) announced the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) will be implemented in late December and early January. Full Text
Accusing Basij of radicalism completes enemy’s infiltration project
FRIDAY. OCT 17. 2015
Leader of Islamic Revolution: TEHRAN - Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyed Ali Khamenei says those people who accuse Basij force of being radical are in fact completing the enemy’s infiltration project. Full Text
Iran condemns Tunisia bomb blast
FRIDAY. OCT 17. 2015
TEHRAN - Iran has strongly condemned a bomb attack on a bus carrying presidential guards in Tunisia which killed at least 12 people. Full Text
Iran, Russia ink 1.2 bn euro railway deal
FRIDAY. OCT 17. 2015
TEHRAN - Iran and Russia have signed an agreement worth 1.2 billion euros to electrify a train line, linking north-central Iran to the northeastern border with Turkmenistan, an official says. Full Text
Iran preparing to unveil new oil deals
TEHRAN - Iran says it is preparing to unveil a new format of contracts for its oil and gas projects in a forum that will be held over the weekend. Full Text
Iran trounces Norway in deaf futsal cup
TEHRAN - Iran men's national deaf futsal team has romped to another remarkable win at the 2015 Deaf Futsal World Cup in Thailand by defeating Norway. Full Text
Iran, Bolivia presidents say willing to develop economic cooperation
TEHRAN – Presidents of Iran and Bolivia issued a joint statement on economic cooperation at the end of Bolivian President Evo Morales' state visit of Iran. Full Text
President says Africa ties high on Iran's agenda
TEHRAN – Expansion of ties with African countries is the priority of the Islamic Republic of Iran foreign policy, President Hassan Rohani said on Tuesday. Full Text
Macedonia, Norway eye soccer friendly matches with Iran
TEHRAN - President of the Football Federation of the Islamic Republic of Iran (FFIRI) Ali Kaffashian says European countries of Macedonia and Norway have voiced their preparedness to feature against Iran men’s national soccer team in friendly  Full Text
All world should condemn terrorist acts
First vice president: TEHRAN – First Vice President Es'haq Jahangiri on Tuesday expressed concern about menaces of terrorism in the region and world, saying fighting terrorism should be turned into a serious global issue and all the world should denounce ter Full Text
Terrorism, extremism threat to all countries
Foreign minister: TEHRAN – Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif called terrorism and extremism a threat to all countries and said that a huge investment has been done to promote terrorism in different regions. Full Text
China urges speedy redesign of Arak reactor
TEHRAN - China has urged all sides involved in a mid-2015 nuclear agreement with Iran to accelerate their efforts for redesign and modernization of the Arak heavy water reactor. Full Text
Iran backs anyone fighting bullying, hegemony
THURSDAY. NOV 19. 2015
Leader: US must not be allowed to talk of Iraq disintegration TEHRAN - Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyed Ali Khamenei says Iran throws its weight behind those standing up to bullying and hegemony across the globe. Full Text
Iran interested in expansion of ties with Georgia
THURSDAY. NOV 19. 2015
TEHRAN – Deputy Foreign Minister for Consular and Parliamentary Affairs Hassan Qashqavi said Iran has no limits in expansion of its ties with Georgia. Full Text
Iran's UN envoy urges int'l action against Israeli brutalities
TEHRAN –The Iranian ambassador to the United Nations (UN) has called on the international community to take collective and coordinated measures to stop Israel’s atrocities against Palestinians. Full Text
Iran handballers beat S Arabia in Olympic qualifier
TEHRAN - The Iranian men’s national handball team has defeated Saudi Arabia at the 2015 Asian Qualification Tournament for the Rio 2016 Summer Olympics, which are scheduled to be held in Brazil next year. Full Text
Iran considering Joma as soccer team sponsor
TEHRAN - The Football Federation of the Islamic Republic of Iran (FFIRI) is mulling over granting a sponsorship deal for the national soccer team to the Spanish sports clothing manufacturer Joma, an official says. Full Text
Iran, Russia sign seven MoUs as GECF wraps up in Tehran
TEHRAN - Iranian and Russian officials have signed seven Memorandums of Understanding (MoU) on the sidelines of the 3rd Gas Exporting Countries Forum (GECF) held in Iran’s capital Tehran. Full Text
Iran says ready for bigger role in gas market
TEHRAN - Iran’s President Hassan Rohani says the country is prepared to play a bigger role in the supply of natural gas to global markets. Full Text
Moscow, Iran's strategic partner
Oil minister: TEHRAN – Oil Minister Bijan Namdar Zangeneh said that Russia is strategic partner of Iran. He said that there is possibility for formation of a gas hub in Iran, as a source to price gas in the region. Full Text
Refugee crisis to persist if terrorism not tackled
Iran's UN envoy: TEHRAN - Iran’s envoy to the United Nations (UN) has described terror threats in the Middle East as the root cause of the ongoing refugee crisis in the world, saying the crisis will not be settled as long as countries fail to effe Full Text
Extremists seek to tarnish image of Islam
TEHRAN - Iran’s Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif, in a meeting with his Nigerian counterpart, warns of dangers posed by terrorist groups, including Boko Haram, Daesh and al-Shabab, saying extremist moves are aimed at tarnishing the image of Islam. Full Text
Putin lifts ban on enrichment hardware sales to Iran
TEHRAN - Russian President Vladimir Putin has signed a decree lifting the ban on supplying Iran with equipment for uranium enrichment, Russia’s RT says. Full Text
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