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FRIDAY.Sep.19. 2014. جمعه 28 شهريور 3 139
اقتصاد خانواده حوادث ورزشي فرهنگي-هنري اخبار
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 گاه در رگ يك حرف ...
سخنان حكيمانه بزرگان
فتح الله آملي
علي رضا خاني
علي اكبر عبدالرشيدي
دكتر محمدعلي فياض بخش
ابوالقاسم قاسم زاده
 تفسير اخبار
انعكاس اخبار و رويدادها در رسانه هاي ايران
بازي هاي آسيايي؛ المپيک قاره کهن
ملي پوشان واليباليست بهترين فرصت صعود را از دست دادند
منصور پورحيدري؛ مربي پرافتخار و مرد متعصب آبي ها
تصادف خونين در بزرگراه آزادگان
هلاکت سرکرده اشرار و کشف 700 کيلوگرم ترياک
دزدان، خودرو سرقتي به همراه يك كودك را رها كردند
 گفتگوي ويژه (فرهنگي)
اهل روشنفکرنمايي نيستم
عكاسي خبري بايد ايده داشته باشد
به من مي گويند جاسوس ايران
 آگهي ها و نيازمنديها

نيازمنديهاي امروز
 اطلاعيه ها

 نرخ ارز و طلا و سكه
نرخهاي مبادله شده در ايران
چهل سال پيش.
ظهور گونه كاملاً جديد انسان با فناوري هاي جديد
نخستين عکس «سلفي» جهان
نرخ ارزهاي عمد?ه وطلا د?ر بازار تهران
 اطلاعات پزشكي
 سرزمين ما
بوستان آب و آتش
کارگاه قالي بافي
جشنواره محلي حرکت و برکت
 هوا شناسي
پيش بيني آب و هواي برخي از شهرهاي ايران 
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No Rohani-Obama meeting planned in New York
TEHRAN - Iran’s President Hassan Rohani has no plans to meet with his US counterpart, Barack Obama, on the sidelines of the 69th annual session of the UN General Assembly, spokesman of the Iranian administration says. Full Text
Anti-ISIL coalition in serious question
Foreign Ministry Spokeswoman: TEHRAN - Iran has once again rapped the double standards vis-à-vis the campaign against terrorism, saying there are serious questions about the legitimacy of a US-led coalition to battle the Takfiri ISIL militants. Full Text
Zarif, Ashton meet ahead of nuclear talks
TEHRAN - Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif has met with EU foreign policy chief Catherine Ashton ahead of a new round of nuclear talks between Iran and six world powers. Full Text
Capital of Iranian expatriates amounts to $1000bn
Deputy FM: TEHRAN – Hassan Qashqavi, Deputy Foreign Minister for Consular, Parliamentary and Iranian Expatriates Affairs, put the capital of Iranians residing abroad at 800 to 1000 billion dollars. Full Text
UN chief stresses Iran role in ME
TEHRAN - UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon has highlighted Iran’s status in the Middle East, saying the Islamic Republic plays an important role in the establishment of regional peace. Full Text
Iran to unveil new military hardware
TEHRAN - The Iranian Army’s Ground Forces are poised to unveil two newly-developed military hardware, the commander of the forces says. Full Text
Iran Navy saves China ship from pirates
TEHRAN - Iran’s naval forces have rescued a Chinese container ship from an attack by pirates in the Gulf of Aden. Full Text
Israeli drone took off from Nakhchivan
TEHRAN - An Israeli spy drone which Iran recently downed on its way to one of the Iranian nuclear site had taken off from an air base in Azerbaijan’s Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic, sources say. Full Text
Anti-ISIL coalition ridiculous
FRIDAY.Sep.19. ‌2014
President Rohani: TEHRAN - Iranian President Hassan Rohani has called the US-led coalition against the ISIL terrorists “ridiculous” Rohani made the remarks in an exclusive interview with NBC News in Tehran on Wednesday, saying the coalition members include those who  Full Text
Government ready to provide athletes with all-out support
FRIDAY.Sep.19. ‌2014
TEHRAN – President Hassan Rohani said on Wednesday that the government is ready to provide athletes with all-out support. President Rohani made the remark in the cabinet meeting. Full Text
Court orders French firm to pay $10mn to Iran
FRIDAY.Sep.19. ‌2014
TEHRAN - An international court based in France ordered a French company to pay $10mn to Iran in compensation, an energy official said on Wednesday. Full Text
Any N-deal better than no deal
FRIDAY.Sep.19. ‌2014
Foreign minister: TEHRAN - Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif says any deal between Iran and the P5+1 on the Islamic Republic’s nuclear energy program is much better than no agreement at all. “I still believe that's (a final deal) a possibility. Full Text
Israeli drone took off from Nakhchivan
TEHRAN - An Israeli spy drone which Iran recently downed on its way to one of the Iranian nuclear site had taken off from an air base in Azerbaijan’s Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic, sources say. Full Text
US to regret military action in Syria
IRGC chief: TEHRAN - The chief of Iran’s Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) says the US and its allies will regret any military operation in Syria. Full Text
West after own goals in fighting terror
EC chairman: TEHRAN - A senior Iranian official has criticized the West for its double standards on terrorism, arguing that certain Western states support terrorist groups at the same time that they claim to be fighting others. Full Text
Iran, Sextet set to resume nuclear talks
TEHRAN - The Islamic Republic of Iran and the P5+1 group are preparing for the seventh round of talks over Tehran’s nuclear energy program. Full Text
Iranian drama nabs Warsaw Award
TEHRAN - Iranian history-drama feature film Maritime Silk Road has garnered award at the 2014 International Historical and Military Film Festival in Warsaw, Poland. Full Text
UK urges Iran help in fighting ISIL
TEHRAN - British foreign secretary has urged Iran to cooperate with the US-led coalition in the fight against ISIL Takfiri militants even if the Islamic Republic is not part of the coalition. Full Text
Iran gas exports need more stable Iraq
NIGEC: TEHRAN - A senior Iranian gas official says the country is ready to start planned natural gas exports to Iraq as soon as the Arab country’s political conditions become more stable. Full Text
Terrorism, drugs incite insecurity in ME
Defense minister: TEHRAN - Iran’s Defense Minister Brigadier General Hossein Dehqan says terrorism and drugs trafficking are two main factors behind insecurity in the region. Full Text
Carlos Queiroz signs deal with Iran
TEHRAN - Portuguese Coach Carlos Queiroz signed a contract on Tuesday to continue leading Iran's national squad for 4 more years. The Portuguese originally came to lead Iran over two years ago and his contract ended at the end of the Brazil World Cup. Full Text
Iran urges peace on Korean Peninsula
THURSDAY. Sep.18. ‌2014
TEHRAN - Iran’s President Hassan Rohani has lashed out at certain countries for pursuing warmongering policies, stressing the importance of establishing peace and security on the Korean Peninsula. Full Text
Iran third exporter to Iraq
THURSDAY. Sep.18. ‌2014
TEHRAN – Iran’s Commercial Counselor in Iraq Ebrahim Mohammad Reza Zadeh said Iran after Turkey and China is the third exporter of different commodities to Iraq. Full Text
Iran to host Chinese film festival
THURSDAY. Sep.18. ‌2014
TEHRAN - A number of Chinese screen productions is slated to be displayed in the Film Museum of Iran in the capital city of Tehran. Five documentaries and 15 movies will be showcased during the festival to introduce Chinese cinema. Full Text
Final N-deal needs hard work
THURSDAY. Sep.18. ‌2014
Foreign minister: TEHRAN - Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif says any final agreement between the Islamic Republic and the P5+1 over Tehran's nuclear energy program requires hard decisions. Full Text
Yemen responsible for diplomat kidnap
TEHRAN - A top Tehran official says the Yemeni government is responsible for the abduction of an Iranian diplomat last year. Full Text
Iran urges more EU role in nuclear talks
TEHRAN - Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif has called on the European Union (EU) to play a more active role for the conclusion of a final deal over Tehran’s nuclear energy program. Full Text
Nuclear agreement unlikely in New York
Deputy FM: TEHRAN – It is unlikely that Iran and G5+1 reach an agreement in the upcoming New York meeting, Deputy Foreign Minister for Legal and International Affairs Abbas Araqchi said on Monday. Full Text
Iran plans to build more nuclear plants
TEHRAN - Iran plans to start the construction of two new nuclear power plants in the southern province of Bushehr before the end of the current Persian calendar year (20 March 2015) the spokesman for the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran (AEOI) says. Full Text
Iran to launch largest floating terminal in weeks
TEHRAN - The Iranian Offshore Oil Company (IOOC) is to launch the largest floating terminal in the Persian Gulf in Soroush oilfield after 12 years of non-stop construction work, an oil official announced. Full Text
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